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OHM Blue Pipe Tobacco 16 oz. Bag

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Great for smokers that have a taste for soothing, medium-bodied pipe tobacco without any extra bells and whistles, the OHM Blue Pipe Tobacco serves as a product designed to transcend anyone's expectations. Comprised of exceptionally ripened Virginia and Burley tobaccos, this delicatessen burns consistently and unhurriedly, yielding a pleasurable smoke that takes forever to expire. Packed away into 16 oz. bags, each of these blends boast a non-aromatic flavor profile that leaves behind a low room note, which is great when it comes to leaving bystanders unbothered. These bags are stitched with Fresh-Lock zippers in order to endorse long-term flavor and taste preservation, providing the smoker with an extended sense of confidence that their favorite product won't expire anytime soon. This blue blend is mild to medium-bodied, so it will never eclipse your senses.

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