OHM Turkish Yellow Blend Pipe Tobacco 8 oz. Bag


For those that wish they had a little more to smoke than what the 6 OZ bag offers should not look past the 8 OZ bag. Packing a balanced combination of Burley, Virginia and Turkish tobaccos inside every OHM Turkish Yellow Pipe Tobacco 8 OZ bag features the leaves in a coarse cut texture. This texture allows for a slow and consistent burning experience with every ignition, no matter if you stuff your pipe or your roll your own with it. This product is non aromatic, leaving behind a low room note. Underpinned by a mild strength profile, you can now expect your senses to get the whole taste without being overpowered. Each bag is stitched with a re-sealable Fresh-Loc zipper, which is optimized for the preservation of flavor and quality for extended durations. Manufactured with a plastic window, every prospective consumer can now peek inside each OHM bag to see what lies inside prior to firing the gun on a purchase.