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Royal Majestic Filter Tubes King Size Green (Menthol) 5 Cartons of 200

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The Royal Majestic Green King Size Tubes are the best for the smoker that takes true delight in renewing his or her senses once and for all, blessing them with a minty flavor that underpins the flavor of any cigarette tobacco the tubes are packed with. Manufactured with an attached filter that perfectly swathes the lips upon every single compression and inhalation, this manufacturer from the Philippines offers a one of a kind extrusion method of any harmful byproducts of smoking that are undesired by the smoker. These king size beauties feature a perfectly cut veneer that never fails to impress. With a flavor that serves as the perfect compliment to any infused cigarette tobacco, one can choose the flavorful combination he or she would like to experience in any way that would be the most pleasurable. These tubes boast a great value and are truly the most royally majestic in their class.

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