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Show Cigarillos Black Cherry 15 Pouches of 5, Pre-Priced $1.49


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Show Black Cherry Cigarillos feature an exclusive soda taste that'll make you feel like you're drinking a cherry flavored coke with every inhalation. Machine rolled to perfection in the Dominican Republic, these beautiful cigarillos are optimized to burn evenly all the way to the end, sufficiently eradicating unwanted byproducts of combustion with each inhalation. The gorgeous veneer of these Show Cherry products contains ripened and fermented filler tobacco that burns slowly and delicately. Packed into resealable pouches for the purpose of the preservation of flavor and quality, these products can be preserved for extended durations. Rolled seamlessly, the snug fit of the Caribbean filler tobacco allows for a smooth smoking experience that is mild in strength and soothing on the throat, offering zero compromises in one's session.

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