Swisher Sweets Leaf 3 for $2.19 Pack of 30 Sweet Aromatic


Released in 2019, Swisher Sweets Leaf Sweet Aromatic is part of the limited edition flavors featuring rustic leaf cigars. For this line of products, only all-natural tobacco fillers are used.

Unlike most very mild Swishers, Sweet Aromatic approaches medium. But instead of overpowering, it enhances the complex flavor profile that this brilliant creation releases once ignited. The tobacco filler wrapper itself is sweet with a slight tobacco aftertaste. Once you start smoking, you will be introduced to a variety of aromatic notes that will soothe and relax you. 

After which, let your palate enjoy a syrupy taste and the irresistibility that comes after. Swisher Sweets Leaf Sweet Aromatic selection is available in 10 packs of 3 cigars each.