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Swisher Sweets Legend Diamond Cigarillos, 15 pouches of 2

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The traditional combination of natural tobaccos and natural flavors make Swisher Sweets Legend Diamond cigarillo ideal for brief smoking breaks. They are known for their smooth taste and slight aftertaste,  this brand has been around since 1958. 

The smooth tobacco that is featured that is used in Swisher Sweets Legend cigarillos is naturally smooth, providing it with the most appealing aroma and flavor. They come in resealable pouches that contain 2 cigars. 

Swisher Sweets has become a famous line of cigars from the 1800s. The sweet cigarillos that were invented are a popular choice for smokers. You can find these in every kind of packaging. They have a large range of filtered cigars as well as small cigars in a variety of varieties. 

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