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Swisher Sweets Legend Irish Cream Cigarillos, 15 pouches of 2


With the highest quality tobacco available, Swisher Sweets Legend Irish cream cigarillos provide a slow-burning smooth, silky cigar with natural smoothness. They are made from Ecuadorian Connecticut Natural Leaf that gives them an elegant texture and a dense smoke. They're an excellent addition with Swisher Sweets' lineup of cigars.

Swisher Sweets Cigarillos are made by mixing high-end, quality tobaccos which are carefully selected, then dried by fire and air to ensure a smooth and delicious taste. Additionally, they are wrapped with tobacco-based paper. They are perfect for quick smokes that are packed with flavor. They're also less harmful than cigarettes.

The Swisher Sweets Legends Irish Cream cigarillos contains two cigars per pouch and 15 pouches per box. Every cigar comes wrapped in high-end Connecticut Shade leaf. 

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