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Swisher Sweets Legend Original Cigarillos, 15 pouches of 2

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You can cut costs and enjoy premium cigars while purchasing a box of Swisher Sweets Legends Orignals. The Swisher legends cigarillos are made from premium tobacco and their natural leaf wrappers provide the perfect soft and slow-burning smoke. One pouch holds two cigarillos that are wrapped in top quality Connecticut Shade leaf. They're the ideal companion to any moment in the day. Apart from their reasonable cost, they're an excellent bargain.

Swisher Sweets Legends is one of the top-rated names of pipe tobacco on the market. It is a fantastic option for those who are new to smoking cigars thanks to their smooth flavour and premium brand. Swisher Sweets cigars are available at many online retailers like

The cigarillos are premium blend of tobacco wrapped in a beautiful Connecticut naturally-grown leaf. It's a result that is dense and smooth. It's silky. You can choose between an affordable cigar or a fruity flavor that is exotic there's something to satisfy your tastes when you purchase Swisher Sweets Legends.

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