Swisher Sweets Tip Cigarillos BLK Pre Priced 69c Pack of 30 Cigars Berry


Indulge your senses in the most amazing combination of fruit. Its Swisher Sweets BLK Tip Cigarillos Berry contain a mix of the most exquisite blends of a variety of tropical berries into one cigar. What you're looking at is a top blend of flavor and smoothness all together in one blend, with an uniformly cut homogenized wrapper leaf which effortlessly wraps around it around the cigar inside. Inside is the ripe pipe tobacco mix that is a dream to smoke every time it's ignited. What else could you need? Medium-bodied in its strength and profile, you can expect an experience that is designed to treat the senses with the utmost respect throughout the day. With a length of 4 inches and guaged at 30 the user can be assured of an easy-going plan to hug their lips each time, with no extra effort from the muscles.