Zig Zag Natural Leaf Wraps, 25x2ct Palma


You might be wondering what's wonderful about natural zig-zag palma wraps. Let's have a closer look. They come in a range of styles, ranging from basic to luxurious, and feature an incredibly thin glue line to ensure an excellent seal. They're ideal to roll legal blends and the packaging that reseals makes them ideal for storage. It is possible to use them for a few weeks ahead!

Zigzag wraps are made by hand from the finest tobacco blend. They are available in a range of flavors. The most striking thing about these wraps is that they hold your tobacco in place , and burn cleanly and smoothly. They also maintain their freshness for longer thanks to their foil packaging. The box is filled with 50 wraps. This box is a fantastic bargain - you'll get lots of choices to enjoy your next smoking session!