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Zig Zag Natural Leaf Wraps, 25x2ct Straight up


In addition to the traditional cigar-shaped cigarettes, zig-zag straight up natural leaf wraps are a fantastic method make your own cigarettes. The cigar wraps are available in a wide variety of sizes and flavors, making it possible to find the one that matches your taste. If you are looking for a more smooth flavor, these wraps are an excellent option. They are also available at low costs, meaning you don't need to spend lots of money on these wraps.

Zig Zag Straight up cigar wraps are packaged in pouches that contain two wraps of tobacco. They're available in assortment of wonderful flavors and are packaged in resealable containers to preserve the taste. Purchase them in boxes to reduce packaging costs. Natural Leaf Wraps are a new update to the cigar wrap collection, and they keep the original tobacco leaf and its natural flaws. These wraps are perfect for a truly authentic tobacco smoking experience.

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