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Zig Zag Natural Leaf Wraps, 25x2ct Sweet

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If you're in search of an innovative natural cigar leaf wrap, think about the variety of flavors available in Zig Zg wraps. These wraps of cigars are made from tobacco leaves from northern Philippines and are sold with a unique foil wrap to ensure flavors. Zig Zag partners with local farmers to ensure the high-quality of the tobacco leaves utilized in its wraps. They have two sizes of wraps for cigars that are the Original as well as the Rillo and Cone rolling paper.

Contrary to other wraps for cigars Zig Zags are hand-made from a continuous sheet tobacco. Due to this, they're precisely sized to help you roll your cigar faster and more constant. Since they're made from pure leaf tobacco, they will enjoy the natural characteristics of tobacco leaves you would with rolling papers. These wraps are a fantastic option for those who want the taste of pure tobacco.

The Zig Zag natural leaf Wrap Pouch includes two wraps of tobacco in each pack. The pouch is resealable to ensure flavor retention and an incredibly smooth and rich smoke. The tobacco that is used to make Zig Zag cigarettes is of high-quality and the tobacco is dried to give an even, smooth taste. Apart from cigarettes, Zig Zag also offers blunts. Blunts are created by taking cigarettes of tobacco and substituting them with marijuana. 

Zig Zag has been making premium cigar wraps made of tobacco for more than 100 years. The wraps are hand-rolled , and come in a variety flavors. They keep their shape and burn quickly and are extremely easy to use. They will also last longer due to the foil pouch. The package contains 50 wraps. They're perfect for a quick , easy smoke


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