Cuban Rejects Robusto Natural Cigars Pack of 20


Handmade in Nicaragua, each of the Cuban Rejects Robusto Natural Cigars have been rejected from their factory because they didn't subscribe to their protocols by 100%. Declined due to as little as a 1% deviation from aesthetic protocols, usually due to a minor tear in the cloak that may not even be noticeable, these goodies offer zero compromises on the flavor or taste. With top notch Nicaraguan long filler tobaccos and a gorgeous Natural Wrapper, each of these smoke sticks feature a medium bodied smoke in strength and a consistent burning experience, which gives way to an easy going draw and a solid construction. For anyone taking delight in the Robusto blueprint, these byproducts of Ventura Cigar Company bring a captivating experience to the critics of aesthetics. Made to deliver the finest, pure tobacco tastes to the doorstep of the senses without any other artificial flavors these products definitely fulfill what they have set out to. This listing features the Cuban Rejects Robusto Natural Cigars Pack of 20, hidden behind a cellophane wrapping to promote flavor preservation.