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RAW Organic Pre Rolled 1 1/4 Cones 32 Packs of 6


Raw organic cones that are pre-rolled 1.25 is a great method to get your smoke on. The cones measure 83mm and contain 0.75 grams of tobacco. These cones come pre-rolled and are perfect for those who are having trouble rolling their cones up or don't need to invest some time rolling on their own. Cones like these are easy to use and natural, which makes them a wonderful addition to the traditional varieties.

These raw cones are made from natural, chlorine-free paper . They're made using the unique cone shape which allows for more smoke to be burned in the beginning and less each puff. The paper is constructed from pure hemp and is organic, which means it won't run.

The hemp used in the raw organic pre-rolled cones is not bleached and unduly refined, making the most perfect cone on the market. They are also hassle-free and environmentally-friendly. The hemp used in the production process is harvested using natural methods, with no chemical substances. The use of organic hemp for cones is an effective option to safeguard the natural environment.

Raw organic cones are composed of hemp fibers as well as an Acacia gum line. They have a translucent light brown color , and also a patent-pending CrissCross watermark. They are also vegan-friendly and don't contain any fillers or additives.

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