Beretta Filter Tubes 100mm Original 1 Carton of 200


What the Beretta Original 100mm Tubes are, is the definition of the perfect thirst quenching roll your own; one with every intention to prevail over competition. These papers bear a full flavor taste, perfectly complementing any tobacco that carries behind it a contemporary, original taste. Made especially for an easy burn and pull, these tubes render an even burning experience with every inhalation. The smooth smoking experience offered by this product owes credence to a carefully engineered creation process, which leaves these tubes devoid of many of the unwanted chemicals included within contemporary cigarettes. These Beretta Original 100mm Tubes boast a flawless taste that smells well and lasts just the right amount of time for those with the desire to go the extra mile with their smoking experience. Fit with a black filter that sufficiently extrudes unwanted byproducts of smoking, this product contains a 200 count of these wondrous tubes.