4 Kings Cigarillos 15 Packs of 4+1 Platinum UN-Sweet Limited


The platinum Un Sweet Limited edition 4 Kings cigarillos are a special kind of smoke sticks that deliver the contemporary natural tobacco flavor whilst eradicating any harshness inherently contained therein. These limited editions are non aromatic byproducts of immaculate filtration mixed with ingenuity. For those that are inherently devoid of a sweet tooth, this product is the best choice. Made with a homogenized wrapper leaf, each cigar is machine rolled with an accurate consistency to provide optimal evenness with every smoke. Made to render a mild strength upon every inhalation, the short filler tobacco consistently delivers the best in its class smoke that yields a low room note; this is perfect when you are trying to avoid grabbing the attention of bystanders. Each box conveniently contains 15 re-sealable foil pouches that contain 5 cigars each. Each of these pouches in manufactured with flavor and quality preservation in mind. The Platinum Un Sweet Limited flavor is the best choice for those that prefer the naked tobacco flavor.