4 Kings Cigarillos 15 Packs of 4+1 Vanilla Rum


Welcome to the world of Good Times, a dimension of the finest tobacco products in the whole wide world. The 4 Kings Cigarillos Vanilla Rum is an incredibly balanced concoction of the natural vanilla flower and the essence of the rum liquor. The reason that this combination is so successful is that it brings out dessert vibes on top of an alcoholic-reminiscent flavor that reminds the senses of the real deal. On the outside, you will find an elegantly rolled Homogenized Tobacco Leaf, assuming a smooth, seamless blueprint from start to finish. Now for the inside, expect short filler tobaccos, which yield the taste and flavor behind the naked tobacco plant. Each of these products is mild in its strength profile, sufficiently giving off all inherent flavors and tastes to the palate upon the original ignition. This product burns steadily and assuredly, providing sensations akin to the perfect smoking experience. This listing features 15 packs of 4+1, packaged away in resealable pouches for the purpose of flavor preservation.