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4 Kings Cigarillos 15 Packs of 4 White Grape, $1.29 pre-price


4 Kings is a division of Good Times USA, a tobacco manufacturer famous for its careful selection of the highest tobacco leaves available. The 4 Kings production line deals specifically with the manufacturing of cigarillos. Grown in the Dominican Republic, this brand has won over the hearts of many recreational smokers worldwide due to its premium quality and great taste that spans all of the flavors of its cigarillos. We are 4 Kings' official distributor, proudly carrying all of their cigarillo flavors. If you are looking to save, then look no further than our online retail store or our wholesale distribution center. Our shipping is fast and satisfactory.

Since 4k's White Grape 99c is being discontinued, 4 kings is offering a new price point of $1.29.  This is the same flavorful cigar just with a higher price point.

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