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Acid Krush Green Candela Cigars Box of 50


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For anyone looking to embark on a journey of green sweetness, the Acid Krush Green Candela Cigars offer a special treat. Veneered in a beauteous, sweet wrapper each of these luxury smoke sticks offer a mouth-watering recipe that will exceed all of your expectations. On the inside, you will find exclusive aromatic progressive tobacco that has been picked from the finest harvests, subjected to ample rainfall and sunshine. Grown on the luscious lands of Nicaragua, each of these smoke sticks offers a mild to medium bodied smoking experience that never violates your senses in any undesirable ways. Each cigar spans a length of 4 inches, boasting a ring gauge of 32. This listing contains a box of 50 of these masterpieces, enclosed professionally for quality and integrity preservation.

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