Afzal Earl Grey Hookah Shisha 250g


Afzal Hookah Tobacco is made in India and import by the company Hookah. Hookah is the largest supplier of Afzal hookah tobacco in US. The company has come up with a number of distinct flavors for hookah smokers, Earl Grey is one example. Their distinctive collection of flavors includes Paan flavors like Bombay Pan Masala, Grape Pan Twist as well as Coco Pan. Bombay Pan Masala is intended for beginners, whereas Grape Pan Twist is meant for smokers who are more experienced. Coco Pan will be a mix that is a blend of the typical Indian Paan flavors.

Despite the wide variety of flavors that are available, AFZAL Molasses is the standard of quality for hookah smokers around the world. The blend of premium Indian tobacco leaf and the natural flavorings from around the globe gives smokers an unbeatable experience when they smoke. The brand is utilized by many hookah lounges as well as individuals from all over the world.