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Afzal Pan Masala Supreme Hookah Shisha 250g


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The well-known Bombay Pan Masala is another flavor that is available. It's got notes that remind you of Indian betel leaf and coconut and the sweetness of the areca nut enhances the flavor. This flavor is suitable for smokers who are heavy and often referred to as the father of the flavors.

Afzal Hookah Tobacco comes in many flavors. It is available in packs of 250g that are individually packaged. The dual layer packaging helps keep it fresh. A 250g container will give between 15 and 20 hookah bowls.

Afzal Hookah Tobacco has become known for its taste and consistency. This blend blends premium Indian tobacco leaves, molasses, and natural flavorings from all over the globe. The result is a silky smooth smoke that entices the senses. It's perfect for novice smokers and first-timers alike.

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