Al Fakher Blueberry Hookah Shisha 10 Packs of 50g


Al Fakher Blueberry tobacco for hookah is a fantastic everyday blend that provides an amazing mix of sweet blueberries. It's simple to fall in love with this particular tobacco and its distinctive flavor makes refreshing from the usual, boring blend. The brand is produced in the United Arab Emirates and is generally regarded as one of the most flavorful tobaccos that is available.

This brand of tobacco is highly sought-after by those who have experience with hookah. It has a delicious blueberry flavor with big clouds that are perfect for long, relaxing smoke sessions. Although it's not suitable an ideal choice for everyone, it's perfect for those who prefer the classic sweet taste and appreciate a good smoke.

It is the Al Fakher Blueberry Hookah shisha is the most delicious Sweet tooth tobacco. It has a sweet, but not cloying taste, and is perfect for mixing. The brand has been in existence since 1999 and is among the most sought-after hookah tobaccos available.