Al Fakher Blueberry With Mint Hookah Shisha 10 Packs of 50g


The Al Fakher Blueberry with Mint hookah tobacco is a flavorful and balanced combination of mint and blueberry. This flavor combo is ideal for those who love smooth mint hits that have an uplifting berry flavor. It is smooth with a taste of berries and decent clouds regardless of the number of coals.

This blend of tobacco for hookah was invented within the United Arab Emirates and is popular among hookah smokers from all over all over the world. The flavor is sweet and tart, and the smoke is smooth and soft. 

Al Fakher has a long tradition of making the finest hookah tobacco. It is located in the UAE and the company has been making premium Shisha tobacco since 1999. They have a variety of flavors, which allows any smoker of hookah to make a customized blend. It can be employed in a variety of hookah devices and is manufactured with quality and consistent in the mind.

Al Fakher Blueberry with Mint Hookah Tobacco 50g offers an effervescent flavor that has an undertone of tanginess. The berry-flavored hookah tobacco is full of flavor and is an excellent smoke.