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Alec Bradley Black Market Gordo Cigars Box of 24


Alec Bradley Black Market Gordo cigar has a rich flavor of spice, cocoa earth, and coffee. This cigar comes with an Nicaraguan wrapping and binder together with Honduran as well as Panamanian cigar filler tobaccos. The ring guage is 60 and the cigar length is 6 inches. The Nicaraguan cigar is manufactured in Plasencia Cigars Factory. Alec Bradley cigars have a long-standing tradition of producing premium cigars, and you can be sure that this will be among their top selling products.

Black Market Black Market is a popular brand of cigars, with a distinctive flavor profile. Its Nicaraguan wrapping leaf incredibly tasty. The Nicaraguan binder has an earthy and creamy base. It is a popular choice among cigar smokers , and is consistently awarded top marks from the industry of cigars. This is not a cigar meant for those who are new to smoking. Contrary to other top brands, this will be a favorite for the most experienced smokers.

It is the Alec Bradley Black Market cigar is a medium-bodied cigar with distinctive blend of four countries. The tobaccos are produced in Honduras as well as Nicaragua. The binder is Sumatra leaf and the wrapper is deep Nicaraguan Jalapa wrapper. The smoke is silky smooth with spice notes and sweetness. This is a fantastic option for the avid cigar smoker.

Alec Bradley Black Market cigars are premium premium maduro. They are made with tobacco leaves from four countries which include Nicaraguan Jalapa wrapper as well as Sumatra binder. The long fillers that create these cigars originate mostly from Honduras, Panama, and Nicaragua. The blend is aged over time to get the perfect combination of spices as well as sweet notes. A cigar of this quality is worth every cent.

Its Alec Bradley Black Market Gordo cigar is a lavish four-nation blend. It is made up of Honduran as well as Panamanian long fillers, the Sumatra binder and a Nicaraguan wrapper. The premium cigar is moderate-bodied smoke, with notes of cocoa, spice and pepper. The flavor is deep and spicy, with a hint of sweetness in the final.

Alec Bradley Black Market Gordo is 6x60

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