Backwoods Singles Sweet Aromatic Cigars Pack of 24


Pay homage to the blend that started it all - the illustrious Backwoods Sweet Aromatic cigarillos. These perfectly small cigarillos are infused with sweet tobacco flavors that are underpinned by a pleasant aroma. Without the addition of any other third party flavors, this is an all natural product that is comprised of Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed short filler tobaccos - the same ingredients that give way to a soothing, even burn. Grown on fertile farms in the Dominican Republic, tobaccos comprising these little cigars are top notch.

Wrapped in a succulent Connecticut Broadleaf, each of these cigarillos are seamlessly bound by the homogenized tobacco leaf - fermented to reach perfection. Assimilating the dimensions of 4.5 in length with a gauge of 32, this product yields a perfect opportunity for a short, relaxed smoking session. These Backwoods cigarillos are mild in strength, so they will always deliver just the right amount of flavor without overbearing the senses.

ITG Brands manufacture Backwoods cigarillos in the United States. They are the third largest company in the nation for the production of tobacco.

Aside from Sweet Aromatic we have a huge collection of other varieties. Choose your favorite Backwoods flavor on our website!