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Beretta Filter Tubes King Size Menthol 1 Carton of 200

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Introducing the legendary Beretta Menthol King Tubes, the solution to every smoker's craving for menthol, featuring a minty flavored paper that burns evenly no matter what tobacco it is stuffed with. This minty delight is perfectly shaped and fit with an impeccable black filter tip that extrudes any unwanted byproducts of tobacco whilst delivering an uncompromising smoking experience with every inhalation. The delectable taste proferred by these minty papers features the best in their class technology of flavor infusion thanks to a sophisticated manufacturing process that doesn't involve the fusion of many of the unwanted chemicals found in contemporary cigarette paper. With each Beretta Menthol King Tube box containing 200 tubes, you can rest assured that you will be provided with an ample supply that will last you a very long time. Don't overlook these masterpieces!

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