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Big Rock Cool Mint Pipe Tobacco 6 oz. Bag

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If you wish for your throat to feel like it just inhaled crisp, mountain air with a touch of the purest tobacco, don't pass up an opportunity to inhale perfectly cut burning leaves from the Big Rock Cool Mint Pipe Tobacco 6 oz Bag. Big Rock's revolutionary ribbon cut pipe tobacco sponsors a smoke that is smooth and soothing on the senses while rendering an even burn from the beginning to the end with each ignition and inhalation. Grown and treated domestically, this highly sought after product shows off traits of its careful growth process. Grown under amiable climatic conditions, this tobacco had been raised under the hand of ample rain and sunshine. Carefully packaged into resealable pouches for the purpose of preserving integrity and flavor, this product is stitched with a resealable zipper that allows one to reuse it on multiple occasions. If you're looking for true perfection, don't look past this!

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