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Brick House Churchill Cigars Box of 25


If you're in search of the highest-quality Nicaraguan puro cigar then take a look at Brick House Churchill cigars. These are modern version of the premium brand that was launched with J.C. Newman in 1937. They're made using the highest quality aged Nicaraguan tobaccos, and have an exclusive wrapper, more rare than Habano. Overall, the strength the cigar is medium-to-full-bodied.

Brick House is a medium to full-bodied cigar that has an earthy taste. This cigar comes wrapped in a shiny moderate-brown Habano Subido wrapper and is finished with a smooth, perfect smoke. Brick House Cigar has been named by Cigar Aficionado as being among the top 25 best cigars ever. The blend was praised by Cigar Aficionado as "consistently excellent."

This premium brand of cigars comes with an opulent, brown wrapper as well as a robust cap with a four-seam. The wrapper is incredibly rich and has a distinctive aroma which is similar to the scent of a forest in autumn. The slight taste of nutmeg is evident from the first draw. The taste of this cigar grows as the smoke continues to progress and the first half is a blend of apple and nutmeg with a finish that is nutty, coconut finish.

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