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Brick House Mighty Mighty Maduro Cigars Box of 25

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Brick House Mighty cigars are the perfect way to try to taste this BH brand. Each cigar is hand-crafted by blending long-fillers that originate from Nicaragua, which results in a full and rich cigar. Its mild, smooth and earthy flavor makes it among the top cigars available and for a price that is very inexpensive, it's an excellent value. Brick House cigars are also affordable and they're a great choice for budget-conscious smokers. 

Brick House Mighty cigars have distinctive look due its maduro wrapper. The shade is light yellow, with a brick house design. The band is red and gold. It's not difficult to differentiate the two however it's worth a closer look to appreciate the appearance and taste that these cigarettes offer. They're also available in a single cigarette or in a wooden 25-count box.

This Maduro model of Brick House Mighty has a slightly more spicy taste than its predecessor however it's still a full-bodied smoke. I enjoyed the smooth, long-lasting end, and the woody taste in it. The woody flavor of Maduro was more apparent in the second part of the smoke than what it had in the initial. 

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