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Buckhorn Mint Pipe Tobacco 16 oz. Bag


The Buckhorn Mint Pipe Tobacco 16 oz Bag is the epitome of menthol goodness, a byproduct of finely softened mint leaves mixed into a delectably balanced combination of the ripest Burley and Virginia tobaccos, ones that are the true definition of the creme of the crop. This fine blend boasts a medium bodied strength and flavor profile, without overly pressuring the senses. Delivering a revitalizing experience that suffices to freshen the senses from start to finish this pipe tobacco can fit any smoking medium you desire to put it in. Pipe and roll your own alike, this product burns delicately and smoothly no matter where it is placed and how it is rolled. Packaged into resealable pouches and stitched with zippers this tobacco is known to preserve its freshness and integrity for long periods of time. If you wish to embark on a minty journey of indefinite freshness, choose this item!

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