Camacho Baccarat The Game Toro Cigars Box of 25


Baccarat The Game Cigars by Camacho are crafted by hand in the fertile lands of Danli, Honduras. Baccarat specializes in the blending of the Jamastran Habano long fillers with the finest Mexican Dulce binder in order to promote premium aesthetics and a delicious smoking experience. Originally introduced in 1978, this specific prototype dates back to 1871 when Carl Upmann oversaw the production of the same type of recipe that goes into creating these goodies. These masterpieces are built to render a medium bodied smoking profile, thanks to the blending of luscious Connecticut wrappers and Havana seed long fillers. Smoke sticks from this manufacturer come in a rich variety, boasting a sumptuous number of different blueprints that satisfy many different available tastes and preferences. Never settle for less. If you're browsing for a truly luxurious smoke, then look no further than this gift from the gods.