Camacho National Brand Imperial Cigars Bundle of 25


Take delight in a mild to medium bodied premium cigar without having any concern regarding overpowering or overriding your senses. The Camacho National Brand Imperial Premium Cigars are the epitome of fine, Honduran ingredients that suffuse the entire body of the smoke stick in the tastiest of ways. On the inside lie premium Habano long filler leaves, cured and grown to perfection under optimal conditions in order to provide the smoker with the tastiest and most flavor-filled smoking experiences ever. Each of these smoke sticks has a premium Jamastran Connecticut Wrapper that cloaks them from start to finish, showing off an illustrious, seamless design that only the kings and gods are used to. These hand-made, Cuban seed goodies are definitely a force to be reckoned with. They are featured in cellophane wrappers for the purpose of flavor preservation, and keep their integrity preserved for long time periods. Made exclusively with the Davidoff Group, you can expect nothing short of premium quality when sparking these smoke sticks up.