CAO Brazilia Amazon Cigars Box of 20


If you ever want a taste of the finest, take your palate for a ride of a lifetime with a CAO Brazilia Premium Cigar. An out-of-this-world concoction, the CAO Brazilia Premium Cigar was created through five years of endless examining and experimenting with various flavors. Each of these cigars is nothing short of perfection. 

With each puff, you join a celebration of beauty and genius. Inspired by contemporary art, this iteration bathes your eyes with an aesthetic expression of artistic intellect that holds functional value. Each one of these cigars features a smart blueprint that just inherently marks luxury. Its curves and edges prolong the life of your smoke, giving the smoker extended exposure to every once of experience its creators designed especially for you. With its slow and steady burn, you can savor its full body of flavors that will thrill your senses from start to finish. Made with the highest quality Nicaraguan leaves, you will come across wonderful floral notes that are completed with subtle whispers of toast and earthy nuts.

The CAO Brazilia Premium Cigar is unlike any other, engineered for smokers with taste, class, and style. Coming in a box of 20, this cigar will keep you coming back for more of the best.