Captain Black Dark Pipe Tobacco 12 oz. Can


Captain Black Dark Pipe Tobacco takes us back to 1973, where the lovers of the Cavendish leaf were overly prevalent and many took delight in a pronounced smoke. Comprised of Cavendish and Black Cavendish that originates from the Green River Burley tobacco, this product has been perfectly steamed and cured, rendering an uncompromising rich flavor. Mild-Medium in strength, this pipe tobacco makes itself known without yielding an overpowering, harsh taste that turns many away from full bodied tobaccos. With a sweet aroma and taste, this product gives off fruity and vanilla hints - a perfect smoke following a full course meal. Leaving behind a mellow room note will leave many questioning where the delightful, sweet aroma is emanating from. This pipe tobacco comes in 12oz cans and 6 pockets of 1.5oz each. Manufactured domestically by the Scandinavian Tobacco Group, Captain Black is a famed brand that brings you only the highest in quality tobacco.