Casa de Garcia Belicoso Sumatra Cigars Bundle of 20


Dominican Size: 6 x 52 Belicoso

Nowadays, everyone is striving to smoke cigarettes and little cigars. It seems as though the tradition of indulging on higher end smokes with the premium cigars of today's market is slowly fading away. To bring back the tradition, Casa De Garcia has successfully introduced their illustrious, quality-blended Casa De Garcia Belicoso Sumatra Cigars. Those looking to return to the tradition should really experiment with this special cigar type! The Casa De Garcia Belicoso Sumatra Cigars' interesting design is conveyed through their Sumatra wrapper and a Dominican Republic filler. These constituents allow the cigar to take on a Belicoso shape. Mild in strength, the Casa De Garcia Belicoso Sumatra Cigars possess 6.125X52 dimensions that guarantee the cigar be a major aid in the movement whose goal is to bring back the premium cigar tradition, introducing it to the world's amateur smokers. The sweet and nutty flavors that do nothing but render a touch of spice and pepper allow the cigar to manifest its purity and high quality. Tobacco General is offering very low prices on these Casa De Garcia Belicoso Sumatra Cigars in order to keep the consumer very satisfied and happy. Try them now!