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Cherokee Original Pipe Tobacco 16 oz. Bag

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Not tainted with any overpowering flavors and unblemished by harmful byproducts, the Cherokee Original Pipe Tobacco is a blend that combines a luscious vanilla undertone that follows the delivery of the contemporary natural tobacco taste and smell that emanates from this product once it is ignited. This ribbon cut cream of the crop features an exclusive combination of Green River and Cavendish tobaccos, air cured to a state of excellence. Perfect for a roll your own or a pipe, Cherokee offers this concoction in resealable bags that have mastered the art of freshness and quality preservation. This medium bodied blend is gentler on the senses than its bigger brother, full bodied blends, tendering an overall more compassionate smoking experience. The Vanilla hints found within are a signature of Cherokee's full flavor blend, designed to set its flavorful aroma apart from its competition.

Cherokee is a world renowned brand that manufacturs and distributes tobacco products out of South Boston, Virginia. Synthesizing their blends from an ancient American Indian recipe, this company has managed to allow the Native American tradition of tobacco production flourish within contemporary markets. Pipe tobacco grown on Cherokee's plantations always receives the right amount of sunlight, rainfall and humidity to yield the perfect crop.

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