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City Life Cigarillos 5 for 99 Cents Mixed Berry 15 Packs of 5

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The Mixberry is an immaculate blend that comes from an incredible recipe that combines the best berries together to offer a gentle, mild smoking experience that emulates the taste of a fruit punch. Thanks to a Natural wrapper, you can now enjoy an evenly distributed smoke that burns rather pleasantly and outlasts its competition in duration with incredible ease. Comprised of ripened tobacco leaves that come from the best farms in the Dominican Republic, the City Life Mixberry blend shows off its parent company, Good Life's ability to render amazing products each time they put their mind to it. Grown on incredibly fertile lands where nutrient dense soils meet high humidity climates, these City Life Cigarillos set a standard that is hard to prevail over when it comes to comparing these unblemished products to their close competition.

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