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Cohiba Black Churchill Cigars Box of 25


If you're a seasoned cigar smoker, you've probably heard of Cohiba Black Churchill. The cigar is famous for its espresso black wrapper and its dark chocolate-colored wrapper, this cigar is manufactured from the Dominican Republic. The combination made up of Dominican filler and other filler tobaccos, the Dark Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper provides a rich and complex flavor. 

The smooth, dark and full-bodied Cohiba Black cigar is the first line extension of Cohiba brand in the last five years. The cigar is made up of various tobaccos that have been aged to perfection and comes packed in a gorgeous mahogany box. If you're looking to enjoy a full-bodied, medium or full-bodied smoke or a smoky smooth cigar that has a smooth and creamy flavor This is a must-try for all cigar lovers.

The Cohiba Black cigars are the most luxurious cigar. The tobaccos in this blend have been matured for at minimum three years. The resultant smoke is a robust, complex and without compromise. It's the perfect blend of taste and balance. The Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper has a rich, oily, dark feel and will leave you wanting more. In contrast to other premium cigars from Cohiba, its Black family is well-known for being extremely sophisticated. Its flavors consist of a mix that includes Dominican Piloto, Mexican, and Nicaraguan tobaccos. The blends in this cigar makes it an intense and complex smoke that has a robust finish.

The Dominican Republic is the heart of the Cohiba cigar industry, which includes manufacturing facilities located within Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Nicaragua. Wrapper leaves grow in the subtropical climate of Cameroon in addition, it is also the Piloto Cubano filler leaves are produced within the Dominican Republic. This blend was the product of a carefully crafted mixing process that is led by the General Cigar president Daniel Nunez, who is The Master Blender.

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