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Cohiba Black Pequenos Cigars 5 Packs of 6


Cohiba Pequenos are small-sized premiuim cigars which provide the same quality of their bigger siblings. They have an excellently fermented Connecticut broadleaf wrapper, and are aged for 3 months in the tericios. Their flavor is bold and complex with flavors of caramel, espresso and cocoa. They're also rolled by hand in the Dominican Republic. These rich little cigars will surely delight your taste buds and impress your guests.

You'll enjoy the rich taste in this Cohiba Black Pequenos! They come in a compact dimensions of 4 and an inch and a half inches by 30 inches. Cohiba Black Pequenos make ideal for smoking on the go. They are packed in handy tins that hold six cigars. Take one of them in one session or as part the larger pack.

A Dominican Cohiba line of cigarettes comes with three distinct blends. They're Nicaraguan Pequenos are the most well-known, with a rich flavor and a smooth finish. They also include the renowned Robusto as well as Churchill. There are numerous reasons to enjoy the Dominican cigars. Apart from their robust flavor, Cohiba Black Pequenos are accessible to everyone.

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