Cohiba Black Robusto Cigars Box of 8


If you're searching for the best premium tobacco cigar available then look no further than the Black Robusto from Cohiba. The cigar has a rich deep Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper and an assortment of Dominican, Mexican, and other varieties of tobacco. There are flavors of leather, dark chocolate and a hint of spice. If you're looking to purchase a cigar to accompany your cocktail then this cigar is suitable for you.

The Cohiba Black Robusto is an extraordinary cigar produced by the Dominican Republic and is made using the Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. The filler is grown in the Dominican Republic, and it's an impressive 5.50 inches in length and comes with 50 rings. It has a flavor profile that is spicy, rich and silky. The pleasant flavors are supported by an earthy woody, and sweet undertone. This is a smoke that will delight even the most demanding smokers.

The Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper of the Cohiba Black is bold and oily. The binder and filler comprise Dominican Piloto leaves. It is aged for at minimum three years in the plant. The wrapper is also aged, while the cigars are packaged using a hand-made process within the Dominican Republic. It is important to note the fact that Cohiba has recently upgraded the packaging for their cigars. However, they're still the same as the previous ones.

Cohiba Black cigars were introduced at the 2006 RTDA event at Las Vegas and have since been a popular choice among the premium category. They are aged for minimum three years, and have a blend of several countries. This blend consists of Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper, Dominican Piloto filler, and the Dominican Piloto binder. Three elements which make this blend among the finest super-premiums that are available that are available.