Criss Cross Pipe Tobacco Mint Blend 16 oz. Bag


The minty flavor that comes with the Criss Cross Menthol is simply unforgettable. This ribbon cut tobacco is perfect for the pipe or rolling paper, for when it is ignited it renders a consistent and even burn that yields a freshening taste and aftertaste. Made of expertly cured Burley and Virginia tobaccos, this product has a balanced flavor intensity and mellow room note, which make its presence known in a subtle manner. Aromatic in style, this pipe tobacco renders a medium-mild smoke in strength, which is rather perfect for both novice and experienced smokers alike. Premium quality is what Criss Cross is all about, packaging their contents in resealable bags that do a great job preserving the freshness and overall quality of the product, along with eliminating the distribution of shake. Packaged in 6oz bags for the conservative smokers and 16oz for the experienced ones, this product will satisfy any demand.

Manufactured by the SX Brands in the USA, Criss Cross is a domestically grown pipe tobacco brand that supplies the market with tobacco leaves from plantations with the highest integrity.