Criss Cross Pipe Tobacco Original Blend 16 oz. Bag


It takes skill and care to manufacture a true full bodied pipe tobacco that includes all the goodness, leaving out all the junk. Without yielding a harsh smoke that some would feel is slightly overbearing, this product provides one with a perfectly balanced medium smoke - a true accomplishment for a full bodied pipe tobacco. Consisting of a perfect combination of Burley and Virginia tobaccos this blend is ribbon cut, allowing for a consistent burning experience out of a pipe. With low flavor intensity, this original blend will surely satisfy novices as much as it does experienced smokers due to its ability to bring out the full flavor without incorporating the harshness that comes with the smoke with other competing manufacturers. Leaving a gentle, low room note, rest assured! You won't be getting complaints from those within the immediate surrounding environment, since this non aromatic masterpiece doesn't leave a lingering, bothersome smell behind. Fit tightly into resealable 6oz or 16oz bags.

Criss Cross accomplishes the prevention of the distribution of shake perfectly whilst impeccably preserving the freshness and quality of the product itself. Criss Cross is manufactured in the USA by SX Brands, a manufacturer with a great reputation for its illustrious tobacco plantations that are home to some of the healthiest tobacco plants in the nation.