Criss Cross Pipe Tobacco Smooth Blend 6 oz. Bag


Do you prefer to pack your pipe with softer leaves that eliminate some of the harshness that a full bodied smoke proffers? Look no further than the Criss Cross Smooth pipe tobacco - a product that is comprised of the softer Burley and Virginia tobacco leaves. Allowing for a rather mellow smoke, this ribbon cut pipe tobacco is very mild in strength, allowing all types of smokers to take delight in igniting this masterpiece. A low flavor intensity means that there is also a low room note that follows - no more worrying about the criticism of bystanders as you enjoy your perfectly calm, recreational smoke. This non aromatic goodness comes in resealable bags that pack its pipe tobacco very tightly to prevent the distribution of shake and render the preservation of freshness and quality long after they are cut open. Tobacco Stock offers the smooth blend in 6oz and 16oz bags, depending on the desire of the smoker.

Made by SX Brands in the USA, Criss Cross continues to astonish its competition with ultra high quality products that are literally impossible to match.