Criss Cross Smooth Filtered Cigars 10 Packs of 20


Made from ingredients that allow for an easy, gentle draw each of the Criss Cross filtered cigars come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The effortless, even burn that takes place after the cigar is ignited allows its quality to speak for itself. Designed with a filter in order to eradicate all of the unpleasant aspects of a smoke that come with cigars, the flavorful experience one will obtain after igniting and inhaling a Criss Cross masterpiece will be truly unforgettable. More pleasant to smoke than other cigars since much of their harshness is eliminated, these cigars are filled with pipe tobacco that has been perfectly sun grown to a state of ripeness. They're great for a short smoke break too, due to their convenient 3 ‚Öû dimensions. Made by SX Brands in Richmond, Virginia, Criss Cross is an award winning tobacco manufacturer that has captivated the hearts of smokers for years. Tobacco Stock offers these filtered cigars in conveniently packaged 10 packs of 20.