Cuban Rejects Churchill Maduro Cigars Box of 50


The Maduro Wrapper is known for casting a sugary accent upon the palate whenever it commences to embrace it. With the Cuban Rejects Churchill Maduro Cigars, the wrapper definitely lives up to its expectations. Made by Ventura Cigar Co., each of these smoke sticks boasts an incredibly ripe Nicaraguan long filler tobaccos that take up most of the interior. On the outside, you will find a nearly unblemished veneer that is beautiful and tasty alike. Rejected from the factory for a miniscule deviation from protocols, the smoker may not even witness the blemishes since they are mostly arbitrarily aesthetic. They never compromise on taste of flavor, for their ingredients are just as high in quality as their accepted siblings. This listing contains the Cuban Rejects Churchill Maduro Cigars Box of 50, built to preserve taste and flavor for extended periods of time.