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Cuban Rejects Robusto Natural Cigars Box of 50


Tired of artificial flavors and tastes that eclipse the traditional tobacco tang? Well, look further than the Cuban Rejects Robusto Natural Cigars. These goodies have been rejected from the factory for not rendering a 100% compliance protocol with the stringent standards, even if they were subject to a 1% deviation from the required criterion. Expelled due to miniscule deviations in aesthetics, these products boast premium quality flavors with no compromises. At a much better value, these rejects promote the tasty essence of the Natural Wrapper that manifests pure tobacco flavors with every inhalation. Medium bodied in its strength profile, each of these products is gentle on the senses whilst making its inherent flavors pronounced. This listing features the Cuban Rejects Robusto Natural Cigars Box of 50, excellent for flavor and taste preservation for long periods of time.

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