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Cuban Rejects Toro Maduro Cigars Box of 50


Don't pass up on a perfect opportunity to sink your senses into a wonderland of sugary relishes that deliver a punch to the palate thanks to a delectable Maduro Wrapper. Don't let the fact that these are rejects turn you away from considering them. Chances are they are just as good as their accepted siblings but for a fraction of the price. Factories usually set stringent aesthetic protocols for the veneers of their products and these may be subject up to as little as a 1% deviancy. However, this never affects the quality of the filler tobacco or the overall taste of the product. The Cuban Rejects Toro Maduro Cigars boast premium Nicaraguan filler tobacco, hand rolled by the Ventura Cigar Company to deliver the best in its class quality every single time. Medium bodied in its strength, each of these smoke sticks is known to treat the senses with optimal respect and never to overpower them. If you're looking for a top of the line product, look no further than this masterpiece. The Cuban Rejects Toro Maduro Cigars Box of 50 is perfect for the long term preservation of flavor and quality.

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