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Cuban Rejects Torpedo Maduro Cigars Bundle of 20


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Don't want to overpay? The Cuban Rejects Torpedo Maduro Cigars feature a premium recipe that is often imitated but never emulated. Cloaked in a delectable Maduro Wrapper, each of these smoke sticks boast a sweet flavor profile with undertones of earthiness and nuttiness on the finish. Originally rejected from the factory due to minor aesthetic blemishes, you will now have the opportunity to taste the same great product you desire without any compromises reflecting taste for a fraction of the cost. Therefore, look no further! Infused with Honduran filler, each of these goodies is hand rolled in Nicaragua by Ventura Cigar Co. If you're looking for the ultimate sensation of tasteful bliss, look no further! The Cuban Rejects Torpedo Maduro Cigars Bundle of 20 is a perfect gift for anyone looking to send their palate on a heavenly journey.

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