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Deans Pipe Tobacco Natural 16 oz. Bag

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Deans Natural Pipe Tobacco is a product that affords one the perfect opportunity to taste a product in its most original form, stripped down from any artificial flavors or added preservatives that serve as flavor enhancements. Rendering a smoke that is medium-mild in strength, this pipe tobacco will never be too overbearing for the senses. It's Burley and Virginia tobacco constituents get a chance to show off what they taste like blended without the interference of any other added ingredients; therefore, it is safe to say that smoking this product is akin to experiencing pipe tobacco in its most natural form. Leaving behind a subtle, mellow room note this pipe tobacco isn't one to distract those in the immediate surroundings. Deans packages this product conveniently in 16oz bags that are resealable for use at a later time, whilst preventing the distribution of shake for the purpose of quality preservation.

Choose Deans, a company that has withstood the tests of time due to its consistency in the delivery of high quality tobacco products.

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