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Djarum Black Silver (Ultra Smooth) Filtered Cigars 10 Packs of 12

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If you're seeking an easy smoke or a strong, powerful cigar, Djarum Silver cigars are constructed using only the highest quality tobaccos. They are produced in Indonesia with a mix of premium, aged cigar tobaccos and natural clove to provide the most smooth and enjoyable smoking experience. They do not contain any additives or chemicals.

Djarum is an Indonesian tobacco brand has become among the most well-known kretek cigars and is consumed across five continents. Djarum Black Silver is an ultra smooth little cigar which excellent cigar for beginners or anyone looking to enhance their smoking experience. 

Djarum cigars have been around for many years. The brand is now synonymous with exquisite taste and exotic flavours. The department of research and development is one of the pioneers in the market. It created the kretek cigarillo which is a low-tar smoke that is made from a blended filter. Djarum was also among the first companies to roll cigars using brown paper, and also to include a vanilla or cherry flavor.

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